Water and Life

So Grateful for Water & Food!

Did you say, drought? Not just in California, but Kenya is experiencing radically reduced rainfall this year as well. Drought in the Kamonong community can be devastating for crops since most Kenyans in this area grow their own maize (corn), beans and vegetables. Most locals can't afford to irrigate, so they solely rely upon the seasonal rains to bring them life. They also store food for the dry and dusty seasons when they aren't able to plant and grow food.

This drought has also led to growing food insecurity due to less food in the market and prices rising dramatically. Last year a bag of maize (main staple food) went for $27, now it is almost $68 because of low crop production and global inflation. Water and food security go hand in hand. The EBCCK board of directors wanted to give a special "asante sana" (thank you) to the Walindwa donors that gave generously to the water tank fundraiser. We are able to collect more water so we can have clean water year around, especially in the dry season.

Asante sana,
from the EBCCK Board Members