Student Sponsorship

Transform a Life

Established in 2013, the Walindwa Child Sponsorship program has served to support more than 75 children at the Elma Barnett Children’s Centre, from pre-K through their highest level of education. Each sponsor can experience a personal connection with their sponsored child, with opportunities to communicate several times a year through letters and photos, sharing in their child’s progress over time.

At the primary and secondary school level, the program meets each student’s needs for food, clothing, school uniforms and supplies, health care, and education in a loving, Christian, home environment. Post high school students are provided housing and food, clothing and living supplies, and a higher education that will lead to employment and self-sufficiency. Sponsorship dollars received are used exclusively for the care of the children who live full-time on the EBCCK campus until their high school education is complete.

Primary students

Children at the pre-K level through grade 8 are educated at St. John's Primary School in Muserechi, just a few kilometers away from EBCCK. The EBCCK bus transports them back and forth on a daily basis. This school provides a private Christian education for not only our children but about 250 other children from the Kamonong Community.

Full Sponsorship - $1,200/year
Partial Sponsorship - $600/year

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Secondary students

The dream of an on site high school became a reality in 2015 when the first class of students began form I (9th grade) at Elma Kamonong High School, located on land abutting the EBCC grounds. Since that time, three classes have graduated and the school’s enrollment and reputation continue to grow, affording our high schoolers an excellent Christian education while allowing them to live in dorms nearby the children’s centre. High school sponsorship dollars cover school fees and supplies, uniforms and shoes, athletic opportunities, room and board, and other basic needs.

Full Sponsorship - $1,200/year
Partial Sponsorship - $600/year

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