Who We Are

Walindwa Charitable Corporation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of, and bringing hope to, the children of Kenya and their families by showing God’s abundant love and compassion through education, food and shelter, healthy living, and spreading Christian values. Our activities are aimed at empowering children and young adults to become adults with integrity who are self-sufficient and responsible members of Kenyan society.

Our name, Walindwa, means "protect and guard" in Swahili. Our organization works to provide this protection and nurturing to at-risk children in the Rift Valley Province, Nakuru District, Kenya. This is accomplished primarily through our partnership with Elma Barnett Children's Centre Kamonong (EBCCK) and Elma Kamonong High School (EKHS). The home and school are centered in Christ's love and His admonition to care for the poor and destitute. The Walindwa Board of Directors in the USA works closely with our counterparts, the EBCCK Board in Kenya, to coordinate and provide this care.

EBCCK supports children from non-functioning or non-existant families, often off the streets, and provides for their physical, emotional and spiritual care from childhood through high school and post-high school education (college, university or trade school). They are part of the Elma Family as they becom functioning, employed, Christian members of Kenyan society. They are expected to "give back" after they leave to help mentor and serve as role models for their sisters and brothers.

Children of the Rift Valley Province in Kenya are raised to reach their full potential in a supportive environment of love, health, and education anchored in the teachings of Christ.

The mission of Walindwa Charitable Corporation is to model God’s love and compassion by working to improve the quality of life of the children of the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, particularly those at Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong. Walindwa raises funds, donates goods, and volunteers our services in partnership with Kenyan organizations to effect improvements in the essentials of daily life, in education, and in healthy living practices, thereby bringing hope to these children and their families. Our actions empower children and youth to become adults with integrity and Christian values; adults who are self-sufficient, responsible members and leaders of Kenyan society. In the Swahili language, “Walindwa” means “the ones who are guarded or protected.”

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