Elma Kamonong High School opened its doors in January 2014, with administrative offices and a single classroom for twenty form I (freshmen) students. The vision behind the project was two-fold: to accommodate the EBCC students who were graduating from 8th grade and to take the first steps towards a self-sufficient model of operation that would benefit the entire EBCCK campus. Each year, construction continued on campus resulting in a graduating form IV class in November 2017.

The first principal was Mr. Richard Keter, who stepped out of retirement to offer his experience to the new school. He guided the institution through the early years, equipping the school, hiring teachers and staff, and recruiting students. Having met this objective, he returned to enjoy his doubly-deserved retirement and in 2019 the EBCCK Board of Directors hired Mr. Henry Ouma, a former EBCCK student, as the new principal. Almost his first task was to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on the school! We are delighted to have Mr. Ouma back home at EBCCK/EKHS.

The long-term goal, of both the Walindwa and EBCCK BOD's, is to create a high school providing the best education possible; one that attracts boarding students from all over Kenya, paying fees that will help make the EKHS and EBCCK self-sufficient. To that end our donors have enabled us to create a high school campus that meets and exceeds all of requirements of Kenyan law. The gated compound is kept separate from the EBCC portion of the campus and includes dormitories for the students, a dining hall and kitchen, general classroom buildings, and a science center. EKHS provides housing for teaching staff, in order to attract and retain the best teachers, and is nearing completion of the principal's housing unit. In 2021 we opened a new Library & Computer Centre to enhance the ability to teach computer and internet skills. Walindwa donors have created a fund to supplement teacher salaries and bonuses in order to make EKHS an employer of choice for skilled faculty members.


Interior of Form III classroom during construction in 2015


The Form IV classroom on the rise in 2016


Communal space in the girls dormitory



It's a rare school that can provide a computer for every student


Winnie, Naomi and Sarah with their EKHS diplomas in 2019


The 2018 EKHS graduating class assembles in the dining hall


Our April 2015 "Save me a Seat!" campaign funded desks for the sophomores



Carolyne and Mercy collaborate on a math lesson


New walkways prevent muddy feet and give EKHS a professional appearance.


In Nov 2015 Walindwa supporters provided funds to purchase 30 bunkbeds


Motto Gate


Philip Gate