Restricted Gifts

If you would like for your gift to Walindwa to be used only for a specific purpose, you may restrict the use of your donation and Walindwa will administer the funds in accordance with your intentions. The restriction on your gift must be in accordance with the charitable intent of Walindwa. For example, you could not restrict your donation to be used to save the gorillas, because wildlife conservation is not part of our mission. Walindwa reserves the right to decline to accept restricted gifts which prevent us from furthering our charitable purpose, are incompatible with our mission, or are at odds with the best interests of our charity.

Preferenced Gifts

You may indicate a preference as to how your gift is used and Walindwa will operate in accordance with that preference if possible, but may also use the funds for other purposes as seen fit by the Board of Directors. For example, you could indicate that you prefer that your gift be used for clothing for the children at EBCCK, but that it is acceptable to use the gift for any exempt purpose in accordance with Walindwa’s mission statement. Walindwa would most likely purchase clothing but would also have the flexibility to shift the donation to an immediate need (for example, the repair of a broken generator at the Children’s Centre).

Undesignated Gifts

You may give an undesignated gift, in which case the Walindwa Board of Directors will determine how the funds will be used. If no restriction or preference is stated, Walindwa will assume that your gift is undesignated.

Solicited Gifts

If Walindwa solicits funds for a specific program and you respond with a donation in support of that program, your gift is considered to be restricted for that purpose even if you do not specifically restrict the gift. If you are making a donation during that time period for a different purpose or that is undesignated, please be sure to let us know that is your intent.

How to Communicate a Designation

Walindwa prefers that designations be communicated in writing or by email so we have a clear statement of your intent. If you are donating by credit card on our Donate Now page, you may use the check boxes and comments field to designate your gift. If using PayPal, please use the link titled “Add special instructions to seller” before you finalize your donation. Our email address is Postal mail should be sent to P.O. Box 270024, San Diego, CA 92198-2024.