Our special name, Walindwa, means “protect and guard” in Swahili. The mission of Walindwa is to protect, guard, and nurture at-risk children in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. This is accomplished primarily through our partnership with the Elma Barnett Children’s Centre, Kamonong (EBCCK) and Elma Kamonong High School (EKHS). 

We support children from non-functioning or non-existent families, often off the streets, and provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual care from childhood through high school and higher education (college, university or trade school). They are part of the Elma Family as they become functioning, employed, Christian members of Kenyan society. They are expected to “give back” after they leave to help care for their brothers and sisters. 

The home and school are centered in Christ’s Love and his His admonition to care for the poor and destitute. The Walindwa Board of Directors in the U.S.A. works closely with our counterparts, the EBCCK Board in Kenya, to coordinate and provide this care.

Walindwa works to facilitate a connection between child and sponsor, of completely different age group and ethnicity, that will foster understanding and acceptance.

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