One of the most touching days I’ve ever experienced in the Maasai Mara/Kenya happened to me last Sunday. Some of the team and I decided to join Jemimah and Nancy (who work at Basecamp with the BMB ladies) for worship at their local church near Basecamp. I had organized this beforehand because I wanted to establish a relationship with Nancy’s husband, William, who works with illiterate Maasai Pastor’s. The idea was to give them 10 Talking Bibles so he could spread the word of God to those that can’t read. I have to say I’ve never been to a “Full Gospel” church and knew it would be an experience I wouldn’t forget. There was an alter call, a lot of Hallelujahs & Amen’s, waving of hands, praying aloud and even speaking in tongues! I would like to think we are all still just all part of the body of Christ and we just differ in our worship styles. We even visited the Sunday school (a tin shack with 80 – 100 kids packed in it) and Marcia taught them a few songs. But the day peaked when Moses got up to speak a about Walindwa and what our friendship has grown into. I always knew Moses wasn’t a Christian, but believed in traditional Maasai beliefs of many Gods. I had no idea that he had never stepped into the church before this day. I ASSumed that he had at least once before, because his friends and family worshiped there. He proceeded to tell us that he was very touched by the whole experience, and that he was very curious about the Bible and would like to start attending church on a regular basis!!! Wowwee! To me this is one of those “side effect” experiences. I wasn’t evangelizing directly to him, but just leading by example and doing my “thing” out here in Kenya. We did the solar lantern project through Moses connections, but I had never anticipated that he too would be affected. Also in front of everyone he told me how proud he was of me. It REALLY touched my heart because I thought it was pretty unusual that a man would give a compliment or praise to another women in publicly. This whole experience may take me awhile to process this extraordinary day!

Post Author: Jill