The Walindwa Volunteer Network will educate, enable and empower individuals to work in both the US and in Kenya on behalf of the children of Kenya. Volunteers may contribute their time, talent and treasure in a variety of ways, all of which will serve to gradually raise awareness, both personal and within their circle of influence, with regards to the people, culture and needs in Kenya.

Volunteer Globally

Volunteer activities in Kenya include teaching supplemental classes for the primary children at EBCCK, leading healthcare activities; helping with building and infrastructure projects, distributing goods such as donated items and solar lanterns and other administration needs. The opportunity to visit the Kamonong area of Kenya and interact first hand with the residents of that community provides another level of familiarity, connection and insight which is not often available and which reinforces a lasting commitment to raising up a generation which will contribute to prosperity, stability and peace.

Volunteer Locally

In San Diego, volunteers of Walindwa see to the daily workings of the organization and ensure that the infrastructure is in place for the selected programs to be successful. Volunteers manage fundraising activities and the administration of the Child Sponsorship and Higher Education Sponsorship programs, while others enjoy presenting the Walindwa story at informational speaking engagements. Contact us to get involved!