Turkey and Nairobi

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First before I start talking about Kenya I need to talk Turkey, literally. This was my first flight with Turkish Airlines. I always have to “rate” the new carrier. I would fly them again if I had too but of course Emirates will continue to be at the top of the list. The flight from LAX to Istanbul was nice and uneventful. A Boeing 777 3-3-3 configuration. (Emirates is a 3-4-3 configuration. And flying the A380 last February really spoiled me!!) Though I like the Turkish configuration much better, a little bit roomier cabin goes a long way in economy. Service was just ok and the salmon for dinner was a pleasant surprise, though I can’t finish it all these days. Lol. I have to admit I have this bias with the Europeans or as I like to call them “Euros.” I just don’t think they are as friendly as the Emirates flight crews and even a little rude on occasion. Even more so in the airport. Like when I flew Lufthansa and Swiss last summer. Maybe it’s my American accent they don’t like? Feeling is probably mutual when they see me coming. Lol

Getting out of LAX was an adventure in itself. We packed all of our checked luggage at exactly 50 pounds, something Domi, Suzanne and I stressed about for the last two weeks. Remember we are carrying 20 laptops to start the computer lab, talking bibles, school supplies, medicines from Pfizer, donated clothes, sponsor presents, a few things for the missionaries (things you can’t purchase in Kenya) and even a pool cover. Yes a pool cover, the current bane of my existence. Anyway we were stressed that we would have to buy an extra bag at $160 but decided against it and just to stuff the excess items in our carryons. Normally an excellent idea but we underestimated the Turks. They weighed our carryons! Luckily we staggered our checkins so we could shuffle everything and not get charged for the overweight. I’m sure we are breaking a record on this trip for all the stuff we are bringing.

Well the flight from Istanbul to Nairobi kinda sucked. It’s a 737, and only one aisle and two bathrooms. Boo hoo. Just when I was starting to like this airline. The people in the back are next to the galley and bathrooms and must be in pure misery. Very cramped and tight configuration.

So we are driving up to Eldama Ravine just a few hours after we arrive when the sun comes up Sunday morning. I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow night but its worth it in my opinion to get out of Nairobi. Too many security issues to deal with in the city.

Watched a good movie on the first flight, Nebraska. I would highly recommend it.
Though this flight I haven’t gotten any winks in… yet.