Tribute to Joyce Sparling

Joyce Sparling had a deep love for the children at Elma Barnett Children’s Centre (EBCCK) and the Kenyan people.  Her first trip to EBCCK was in 2009 and she used her skills as a teacher to enrich their education and, along with Ray, bring the message of Christ’s love to these children, many of whom had been abandoned.

She also participated in “Mom’s in Prayer” at the town church in Eldama Ravine, Kenya, and touched many ladies hearts sharing her experiences as a mother. She really enjoyed knowing Pastor Roy Stover from the local town church and working with him at the Children’s Centre.

Ray has asked that in lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in tribute to Joyce Sparling to the Children’s Centre via the Walindwa Charitable Corporation. Please go to the “give” page for details or click the donate button below and make note when you give that it is “In Tribute to Joyce Sparling”