Sharon Lokitoe

Sharon comes from Kapsatek, in Nakaru County, Kenya.  It is home to Lake Nakaru, best known for its thousands, and maybe millions, of flamingoes nesting on it’s shores.  Sharon’s mother died when she was young. Health care is insufficient in this rural area and many die of farming injuries or exposure to the poisonous, homegrown “alcohol” popular with villagers.  Her father, an alcoholic, could not take care of all the kids. Her uncle brought her in when she was about 10 years old (she does not have a birth certificate). Sharon, 16-17 years old now, is currently at Mogotio Youth Polytechnic in Nakaru.  She is in the two-year hair dressing course.

Sharon is social, always well-liked and, when at the home, can be found helping out in the kitchen making chapatis or prepping food for the children.  Sharon would love a sponsor so that she could continue her schooling, including room and board, which runs at $500/year.