Sharon was born in February of 2000 in the village of Kapsetek. Sharon’s mother was an alcoholic and mentally handicapped – not able to take care of her children. Sharon’s grandfather took Sharon in, but he is a subsistence farmer with only a small parcel of land to feed the family. When Sharon was brought to the Centre at 9 years old, she was very underweight.


Sharon, a senior in high school, is a sweet girl with a boundless heart. She is a faithful student and loves learning, but has dust allergies that affect her ability to see in one eye. Sharon can be seen leading the choir in singing or devotions, writing sweet letters covered in swirls of hearts and helping bathe and dress the younger children. She will be a wonderful, caring mother some day.


Sharon is in high school and would be grateful for a sponsor to cover her basic needs and education: $500/year.