When Patrick was 9 years old, his parents, alcoholics, separated and dropped Patrick off at his uncle’s, saying they would return to get him. That was the last time he saw his parents. His uncle, Joseph, is unemployed and struggles to care for his own children, so he brought Patrick to the Centre. Addiction to bush brew is common. Made locally in filthy stills from corn, it is a cheap (10 cents a cup) and popular way to forget an impoverished existence. However, it is much more powerful than any alcohol we consume. It produces a dementia that leaves the drinker unable to function in normal life.

Chapati’s are Patrick’s favorite food; social studies is his favorite subject. Patrick likes playing soccer and working on the Centre’s shamba, or farm, tilling the ground and growing pumpkin, cabbage and kale.

Patrick is quite creative in making toys, like bows and arrows, out of tree bark and branches. Patrick would appreciate very much having financial assistance towards meeting his educational dreams ($500/year).