Gideon kirwa

Gideon is a Maasai, one of the smallest, yet most well-known, people groups in Kenya. They are considered one of the tallest people in the world, with an average height of 6 feet 3 inches. A resourceful people, they have carved a rich history in the deserts and scrub lands they call home.

Gideon’s mother died when he was just four years old. His father was hit on the head by cattle rustlers, causing severe brain damage. (Few villagers own guns, so the weapon of choice was probably by a machete, a popular tool used to clear brush and cut down firewood.) Gideon was taken to the Centre by his overwhelmed grandparents, already caring for seven siblings without a source of income.

Currently in 6th grade, Gideon has flourished at the Centre and is on track to enjoy a successful future. Funny story:  one of the Centre employees was locked out of their car. Cars are a novelty in the area, and Gideon was fascinated by it. He took the lead and, after several tries and much pondering, was able to pick the lock. His curious mind and kind nature will serve him well.

Gideon is transitioning to middle school and needs $500/year for schooling, healthcare and basic needs.