Christine Kangogo

Christine was born in Kelelwa village in the Koibatek District of Baringo County. As with most of Kenya, Baringo county has many tribes including: Tugens, Njemps, Pokots, Turkanas, Kikuyus, Numbians and Kisiis.

Christine’s story is tragic, but not unique. Christine’s father died in 2007, leaving the mother with only a small plot (given to her by her grandfather) to feed her seven children. A year later, her mother died. At only seven years old, Christine was an orphan. The grandparents already had one set of grandchildren, and could not take in more. After the burial of her mother, Christine was brought to the Centre to start a brand new life with a large and loving “family.” At the Centre, Christine, for the first time, experienced community, regular meals, and schooling!

Christine is now 15 years old, loves singing and serving the Lord. She has a keen sense of humor and is a bright student. Although a freshman in high school, Christine is catching up quickly. Funny story:  a visitor was trying, in vain, to speak broken Swahili with Christine. Christine listened patiently, and then responded in perfect English!

She would love a sponsor to help her finish up her schooling and then perhaps attend Polytechnic school. Right now, the Kenyan government is pushing for more students to attend polytechnic schools to learn a trade such as hair dressing, food processing or garment making.  Christine, as with the other children, needs $500.00/year for education and other necessities.