Child Sponsorship

Educate a Kenyan Child

MeetPatrick2The Child Sponsorship program allows a donor to experience a personal connection with a child who is in grades 1-12, while contributing to the overall mission of Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong (EBCCK). The sponsor, who may be an individual, family, church, group, or business, selects a child to sponsor by reviewing the brief biographies listed on the EBCCK website.

The expenses incurred with this program include costs for materials, curriculum, and school supplies, plus salary for two teachers at the primary level. Donations in support of the sponsored child are made to Walindwa, which disburses the money to the general fund of Elma Barnett to cover costs including the ACE program, student uniforms and shoes, housing, food, and health care.

EBCCK offers the option of establishing a “pen pal” relationship between the sponsor and the child so the sponsor can come to know the child and share in his/her progress. Updates will be provided via the website in the form of photos, letters and notes.Our goal is to create a transforming experience for not just the child but for the sponsor as well.

Primary students are educated on site at EBCCK through the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program, which is designed to prepare children for the world today and give them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their God-given potential.

Sponsorship = $500 or $1000 per year

Click Here to view  a list of primary students who are in need of a sponsor.

Secondary students in the past attended either a school in the local community or a boarding school. In 2014 EBCCK began construction of an on-site high school campus consisting of classrooms, dormitories, and a kitchen. Elma Kamonong High School currently enrolls students from EBCCK and the local community in Forms I-III, equivalent to a U.S. high school freshman – juniors.

Sponsorship = $1000 per year

Click Here to view  a list of secondary students who are in need of sponsorship.

If you would like to sponsor Patrick, or any student, please Contact Walindwa or Click Here for an application form.