At the heart of Walindwa’s expression of Abundant Love for Kenyan Children is our Sponsorship Program that matches students at Elma Barnett Children’s Centre in Kamonong (EBCCK) with donors in the United States. More than just a “sending of money,” our goal is to create a transforming experience for the child and the sponsor. Walindwa works to facilitate a connection between the two that can become the foundation for a life-long relationship between people of different cultures and age groups, and that will foster understanding and acceptance between them.

Schooling in Kenya comes at a cost: school fees, uniforms, shoes, lodging, transportation, meals, and the list goes on. The higher the grade level, the higher the cost. Education is the only future hope for these children because they have no family to rely on for support; yet there is also no family to pay for the education. A Catch-22 indeed. For as little as $1.35 per day, our sponsors make a meaningful difference in the lives – and futures – of the students who are part of the EBCCK family.

We know that Jesus Christ transforms lives and we want to connect you with a child from EBCCK in a personal way so you can feel touched by God’s love even when you are thousands of miles away.  Learn more about sponsoring a primary or secondary student or a higher education student.