Solar Lanterns

Next Project is in Maasai Mara, October 2012

The “Light up Kamonong” solar lantern project, was a concept of donating solar lanterns to the Kamonong Community.   We received donations of $10 each and purchased 124 lanterns (our goal was 50) in Nairobi.  The distribution took place in Dec 2011.  The company that supplied the lanterns at a bulk discount is d.light.  The next project will be in the Maasai Mara area of Kenya in October 2012.

A solar lantern can replace up to two kerosene lamps because of its super bright LED design. The benefits of the lanterns are four fold.

• Eliminating or reducing the number of kerosene lanterns can result in a significant cost savings for a Kenyan household, since families may spend 5 – 30% of their monthly income on kerosene oil.

• Kerosene lamps create indoor air pollution which claims the lives of 1.5 million people each year, with over half the victims being under the age of five. Kerosene lamps can also cause death by fire, burns and suffocation. It’s not uncommon to see an adult in Kenya who was severely burned as a child from a kerosene lantern.

• Every year kerosene lanterns are responsible for over 100 million tons of C02 emissions. One single kerosene lamp emits one ton of C02 over a five year lifespan.

• Kerosene lanterns emit fumes and poor light quality, creating a poor study environment. The bright and clean environment created by solar lanterns can increase the available studying time for a child from less than one hour per night to four or more.

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