Rejoice with us! 02/13/2013

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Rejoice with us!  02/13/2013

PropertyGreetings Members of the EBCCK Family,

The Lord is leading in the ministry here at the Elma Center and its related works. He sent us a ministry team from Canada led by Tony and Rose Dickens. They did so much work and cared for so many needs it is hard to list all of it. Tony and Jim made 12 large clothes cupboards for the dorms, Rose, led in the painting of the cupboards, and she made a lot of curtains for the dorms. Tony and Jim made bookcases, and cabinets for the school, and installed them. Jim repaired and adjusted my wood working tools: They purchased 18 mattresses for the Girls dorm. Kathy was a former principle to an ACE school and she helped to organize the ACE School, and together with, Melissa, her niece. They saw to the photocopying of a lot of new PACEs. The team purchased a generator large enough to handle power tools and give lights to the dorms, (we are now starting to build its shed and work on getting the dorms connected to it.). They also provided , paint for the new plastered walls of the old mud houses, money to fix up Jill’s car that they used, and purchased a much needed lawn mower. They also had time to teach Sunday School, meet with ladies groups, preach, and meet with our missionaries at our prayer day.

They introduced us to a fine Christian teacher whom Tony and Rose had worked with at the Missionary College in Eldoret. Mary ran the pre-school there for 20 years. We have employed her to learn the ACE program so she can cover for the three months that one of teachers will have off for maternity leave. There is a need for a pre school in the community and we are considering starting one. That is why Mary is such a good provision for she may be able to lead in its development.

The team was here for just over three weeks but they accomplished more in that time then I would have been able to do for months, even though three of the team were sick part of the time.

The land that we were able to purchase has been cleared of the scrub brush and it looks very nice now. The Day School site has been chosen but no ground has been broken yet. We have purchased some stone, ballast and sand. We hope to have two classrooms and the office block up before school opens next Jan. This also means we will need toilets, kitchen, dining room, and storage building. By then, we will also have to find a good Christian principle, teachers and some other staff. Please be in prayer about all this.

The child welfare department visited our place this morning. They saw all the new cupboards, mattresses, and the mowed lawn. They were very impressed. They say we are the best “home” in the whole district. Praise the Lord that Elma is a testimony to the love and care of Jesus for the children.

The government has decided to help us care for the children and have provided about $6.00 per child per month. They only count the children that we have registered with them. But at least they are showing some interest and appreciation for what is taking place.

Well I just wanted to bring you up to date on a few of the wonderful things our Lord Jesus is doing. I need to mention that Chris, the young man we hired to help do the books is doing a very good job of managing the place as well. The new social worker, Vincent, is taking his work serious and it seems he will pan out well. The Lady we hired for a dorm parent, Rose, is doing great too. We do have good staff and we are thankful for that. The children are happy, learning and growing in the Lord. The young girl, Irene, that graduated from standard 8 received good enough marks that we are now seeking a High School placement for her. She has chosen a school that she wants to attend. It is a good school but its cut off line is higher than her marks. Pray that she would be able to go there.

I had better stop before this gets too long. I need to thank each one of you for your prayers and support for this work. The Lord Jesus is using you and Helen and I are really just the ones that helps coordinate it. It is your work, and you can be assured that God is using you.

Together in Christ, Roy, Helen, with thanks from the staff, and children.

Helen hopes to send some pictures.