To start our day we met with Roy Stover, Brian Talam – Chairman of EBCCK and Mr. Richard Keter – the manager and principal of EBCCK. We worked out a team schedule of what our objectives were for the next 10 days. Number one is executing the computer project and keeping it sustainable since we brought the laptops. The team will also be teaching Biology, Astronomy, and music. We have a lot of talent on our team and my goal is always to utilize their God gifts and natural talents. We decided that we will teach computers to the primary students in the morning and high school students in the late afternoon. During the between times we can do projects around the compound like harvesting the beans. George likes to do construction so he will be building science tables and a computer cabinet.
Our first session of teaching computers was to the high school students was a bit awkward to say the least. The American teenagers felt like fish out of water and the Kenyan students were painfully shy. All I know is I would never want to be a teenager again! It’s hard to work with your peers. We ended the day with the ice being officially broken though we knew it would take a fee more days to work out the logistical kinks. We designated Dominique as our project leader and vowed to not have too many cooks in the kitchen.

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