I’ve been back from Kenya for about three weeks, but thoughts of old friends, growing children, and new ministry partners are still swirling in my head.  I wish I could take everyone with me, but since I can’t I’m going to post some blogs, so you can experience the trip virtually.  When I arrive in Eldama Ravine, the absolute first thing I have to do is head to Kamonong and the Children’s Centre so I can hug the kids. So that’s where we’re going first too!


  • Little Natasha is going through a shy phase!  Unbelievable!!
  • Caroline is now called Carol because she is getting “older.
  • Patrick is now called the Professor because he is so clever in school!
  • Little Brian gave me a hug when I first arrived!  For the last two years he ALWAYS was too scared to even shake my hand.  Wowee!
  • Daniel has given up his nickname of Robusta. He is almost as tall as me and his voice has even changed!  He is truly a young man now.  (sniff, sniff but yet sooo proud of him)
  • EBCCK has three new kids whose grandmother is Daniel’s great aunt, making the new students his direct cousins. Daniel is happy to have some relatives there.
  • Also new to EBCCK are Edward and Naomi. Naomi is about 8 years old with a big smile. She’s happy to be in her new home and enjoys going to school. Edward enjoyed reading a book in English to my Dad.  He’s very thin from malnutrition but is gaining strength every day.
  • With the beginning of the new term, the Standard 8 students are at Orinie school.  We stopped by to greet them and made quite a spectacle, but I had to see them! The Orinie school teachers asked if we had any volleyballs – I plan to bring them some as part of the summer trip.
  • Sarah is now the head girl in the EBCCK primary classroom.
  • Our high school graduates are keeping busy while they wait for the results of their final exams:
    • Jonathan is being put to work painting at the Elma Kamonong High School
    • Josephine is visiting her sister
    • Keffa is spending time at his grandma’s house



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