As the days are marching on they are getting better and we are working out the kinks. Today I feel the 3 American teenagers really got it. Ironically enough it wasn’t teaching in the classroom when the light bulbs went on either. It was at the end of the day when we had some free time and was just about to leave for the day. Sumner got out his American football and started playing catch with the kids. I could hear so much laughter in the air. The girls were braiding Lindsay’s hair, the sun was setting, and Dominique and I just sat and watched while we drank tea. It was one of those wonderful moments that you didn’t want to end. The American kids were finally getting over their awkwardness. Finally they got it they and they were forming relationships with the kids. Yippee!!

Problem was now they didn’t want to go home. Maybe that’s not really a problem at all is it?

Post Author: Jill