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Question: What hauled visitors to Eldama Ravine, kids to the hospital, bags of grain to the mill, solar lanterns to the Maasai Mara, guests to Sunday worship and 50-pound suitcases full of donated clothes?

Answer: My old Toyota Land Cruiser, a critical partner in my ministry at EBCCK.

One year we squeezed in 11 kids and headed to Lake Nakuru to celebrate the 8th grade class graduation. Other times it did battle with the forces of evil: roads that were rivers of mud, roads that were no more than a trace through the savannah and roads blocked by storm-downed trees.

Mechanically it had its ups and downs. On a trip with my mom, the car broke down at the equator when a very large and uncommon size bolt literally fell out of the engine. A motorcyclist behind me stopped and picked it up off the road and brought it to me. After replacing the bolt we were on the road again. In April 2013, I had to face the reality that the car had aged to the point where it was no longer reliable and so it was sold. The Walindwa team decided to begin raising funds for a replacement vehicle, thinking that it might be possible to make a purchase in 2015.


As many of you know, our timing is not God’s timing. On my last visit to Kenya in February – surprise! There it was. An EBCCK board member knew of a car that met all of our needs: a Toyota Prado, being sold by an Australian missionary, four wheel drive, recently reconditioned engine, and meticulously cared for. Two different mechanics inspected the car and gave it a “thumbs up,” so the Walindwa Board members stepped out in faith, donated some money, temporarily borrowed from some of our other projects and purchased our new mechanical partner in ministry.

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Our New Ride!

Please Help

Now the Board and I are asking for your help. We need to raise $7000 to replenish our other project funds. If each of our supporters donates $25, we’ll be there. Plus we’re offering a special incentive to anyone who might feel called to donate a larger amount. Every trusty sidekick needs a name, so the giver of the largest donation will have the right to name the car! Please consider sending a gift to Walindwa to help us Fund Our New Ride.

Checks – Your donation by check avoids merchant fees and ensures the full amount is available to Walindwa. Please make checks payable to Walindwa Charitable Corporation and mail to:

P.O. Box 270024
San Diego, CA 92198-2024

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