February 25, 2013

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February 25, 2013

Greetings to the Elma Family,

Please note that many of you on the list know each other and are aware of the history of the Elma Centre. We are now facing a challenge to our history because the former director is now claiming to be running a home for children under the same name as we used to have. He is trying to gain control of one of our older high school youth. Please pray that the Lord will open the eyes of those in charge here in Kenya to what he is doing and free the children that he now has. There is a group supporting him that gains from claiming to be helping children in Kenya because people send funds to them in the belief that they are. We are facing this challenge through legal help and it may cost us in finance but it may prove to be a way to put an end to the problem.

Work is beginning on the Elma Kamonong High School. We are using two class rooms now for the ACE Mission School and we are upgrading the wiring in the dorms and Kitchen so we can use both solar and generator. The manager and social worker are both doing well, and pray for them as they study their new NIV Study Bibles so they will be prepared to lead the Sunday worship times with the children and those in the community who want to come.

The Elma Centre is a light for Jesus in the area and Satan would love to put it out. Your support and prayers are maintaining, and increasing the way the Light of the World can shine in the community. We thank you for that.

Together in Jesus, Roy and Helen.