Current Projects

Elma Kamonong School upgrades

For the lower school, we are planning on adding new classrooms and to begin a preschool.  This will improve the learning environment by separating children into groups that are at similar learning levels, and the preschool will be open to the community as an outreach.


In the summer of 2014, Pfizer generously donated 25 Lenovo Think Pads to the Centre’s Elma Kamonong High School.  A team of 10 volunteers hand-carried the computers to the Centre, set them up and trained staff members and teachers on their use and upkeep.  There is currently no wifi at the Centre, but the computers are wisely used to teach the students keyboarding and other basic computer skills.  These skills are invaluable for the students if they move to university, or vocational school, or just want to use computers at the local Cyber Cafes to conduct personal and job-related business. 

The Lenovos are getting old and need more and more repairs.  Another generous donor is in process of acquiring 25 laptops which will be loaded with educational tools from the non-profit Kahn Academy.  

Lastly, in the future for the school are e-readers for the primary students to increase reading comprehension.Stronger readers do better in school – and have the chance for a brighter future.

Teacher housing

In order to attract and retain better teachers, we are building comfortable on-site housing.  the school is in an isolated, rural area and this will allow the teachers to live nearby and be a more integrated part of the community.

principal housing

To attract a top Headmaster for the High School, we will need to construct a home for them and their family.  This is currently unfunded.

Fence and gate

We would like to build a security fence around our property and have an entrance gate with a security guard.  This is currently unfunded.

teacher salaries

We would like to establish a fund to supplement teacher salaries so we can attract and maintain the best possible teachers.  Again, this is currently unfunded.

new land

We would also like to expand our campus to make us even more self-sustaining.  This would allow us to grow more crops to supply the campus as well as establish a micro-business to sell the excess..