Completed Projects

solar power

The entire project campus now has solar power to allow for studying and daily life to extend into the evening hours. Previously the only power was from a gasoline powered generator.

dining room/meeting hall

We recently completed a huge multi-purpose building that allows for assemblies and special programs, including church services. This allows us to invite members of the community as part of our outreach. It also services as a kitchen/dining faciltiy for the High School.

High School

The Elma Kamonong High School building was completed in 2016 and we have now had two graduating classes.

science center

In conjunction with completing the high school, we were able to build a fully functioning, state of the art, science center for the study of STEM subjects.


This project uses naturally processed animal waste to provide gas for cooking and heating, which takes the place of burning wood for energy, due to woods scarcity.


The addition of e-readers for the elementary and high school students has greatly increased the access to reading and study material.