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Githeri & PawPaw – Lunch at EBCCK

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When I visit the Children’s Centre, I love to have lunch with the kids. At meal time, the kitchen is a well-oiled machine run by Mary, Rose and Emmy. EBCCK Director Helen Stover also plays a role, making sure the menu is nutritious and balanced. For breakfast the children receive porridge or an egg, along with a glass of chai (tea). The Kenyan lunchtime staple of githeri (maize and beans) is enhanced periodically with onions and tomatoes from the shamba (farm) or potatoes, carrots and rice from the market. However, if you asked the children to vote for the best meal, the award would go hands down to the fresh fruit that is served as a daily snack: pawpaw (papaya), mango or bananas. As it is here in the U.S., cooking and eating is followed by clean up chores. The...

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